Thursday, November 11, 2010

This day has always been a tough day for me.....

When I left for Basic training, I wished that my father was there to say goodbye.  After my graduation, I searched the crowds of families hoping I'd see him.  I was told during my promotion that it was a great honor to be the first airmen to be pinned our by new commander, but I really wish it had been my father instead.  When I completed my service and returned home from Germany, he still wasn't there.  He was activated and deployed yet again to the middle east.

Though most military families count their time of separation from their loved ones in months, we literally count his time in years.

During my time in the USAF, and all these years after I've been kind of bitter.  The one thing I wanted most during my service was to stand before him and throw him the proudest salute ever. 

It's not until now that I've realized that what he was doing for me and the rest of us was his way of saluting me. Thank you Chief!

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