Sunday, May 8, 2011

The wrong way to do street photography :)

For mothers day my wife wanted me to take her shooting downtown so she could play with her new film camera I bought her for her birthday recently.

Since I haven't used it in forever, I decided to take only my Phase One camera with the Leaf Aptus 22 back. I haven't shot anything digital in weeks.

Normally you would think that this would be the absolute worst system to use for street shooting.  In the normal conventions of what street shooting is about, it really is yet I got some of my favorite results yet!  Typically you want to use a kit that is fast and as less distracting and discreet as possible.  A Phase One 645 AF is as far from discreet as you can get.  I might as well been standing in the middle of the road with an old graflex yelling at everyone to remain still with a bull horn.  When people hear the sound of that shutter "thwack", they jump!

So what do you do when you can't blend in and everyone notices you? focus on them!!!

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