Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family day downtown

All weekend I've been tearing myself up trying to come up with ideas for things to shoot, frustrating.

I just gave up and decided to spend the day with the family and just have a good time and put the camera down.  Even though the day was meant to just spend time with them, we still ended up lugging around reflectors, umbrellas, light stands, etc...

Here's some random photos from today, nothing real serious.

Though I don't really care for shooting wildlife, I like to shoot these guys when I can just to practice panning.  They move really quick and it takes a lot of work to follow them smoothly with a 70-200 2.8 lens.

Tanya asked me to shoot this real quick, but since she was in a good bit of shade and the background was much brighter I decided to light her up.  To do so, i set my sb-800 camera left set to 28mm and bare to bring her exposure up.

Just a quick capture of my wife and son.
It was a crazy bright day and they were in the shade so I just quickly set up my reflective umbrella and sb-800 to light them up.  Unfortunately the background is still brighter than I'd like but I was already maxed out on shutter speed (gotta keep it at or below shutter sync), even at ISO 100.  If I had the time I would just up'ed the power but they were getting restless.

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