Friday, February 26, 2010

Sneak peak pics from the Sensuality Project...

Wow!  Two posts in one day!

I must say that shooting in a venue like this is much different than anything else I've shot before so please go easy on me.  The rest of the photos are uploading and will be available in a day or two.  You can find them in the client gallery section of

So, let's get some pictures going...........

The beautiful and talented Diana Deaver herself (on the right)

Lots of Beautiful people there tonight.

The Man of most awesome talent himself Eric Bradshaw enjoying Diana's work.

Fine young couple there.

So many expressions in this shot, I wish I knew the reason for this one.

Models everywhere!

We had a shootout :)

I love this guys style.  When you see him around you know it's a party!

What's a party without some music?

So many ways I could caption this one...

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